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Anti static Heel Strap
Anti-static Equipment

anti static, anti-static, heel & foot ground strap
Anti-static heel strap 900-057
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Anti-Static Heel Strap

Static sensitive components can be damaged by being handled while you are not properly grounded. This anti-static heel strap can be used together with special conductive floor tile (not included) as part of a comprehensive anti-static program.
Anti-static heel straps allow freedom of movement around the shop environment without the restriction of a wrist strap ground cord leashing you to a bench. For complete anti-static protection, two anti-static heel straps are recommended. One anti-static heel strap should be worn on each foot. Velcro straps are pulled over the top of the foot to secure the anti-static heel strap in place. The nylon ribbon (with embedded conductive fibers) should be tucked into your sock or into your shoe. The nylon ribbon should make contact with skin, or at minimum, with the sweaty moisture in your shoe in order to provide a path to ground for the static electricity.

For ESD workstations and areas without anti-static conductive floor tile, consider using anti-static wrist straps with ground cords.


  • provides static protection on conductive floor tile
  • Velcro adjustable to fit all adult shoe sizes
  • color: blue and black
  • dual layered heel cup
  • resistivity: 1 to 2 megohms
  • one anti-static heel strap per package (one strap on each foot is recommended)


Anti-static heel strap 900-057 is economically priced at:

Quantity 1 to 9 $ 6.79
Quantity 10 or more $ 6.19

Includes ONE anti-static heel strap per package


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