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Antistatic Mats & Workstations

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Wrist and Heel Ground Straps

ESD Testers and Monitors

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Anti-Static Products

Antistatic Mats and Workstations
   ESD Workstation ABWS1
   ESD Workstation ABWS2
   Pro'sKit Antistatic PVC Bench Mats 900-1114 and 900-116
   Antistatic Field Service Kit 900-056

Antistatic Rubber Roll Materials
   Antistatic Rubber Roll EconoPro Series Mat Material (for custom size mats)

Antistatic Wrist and Heel Straps
   Professional Standard Elastic Blue Antistatic Wrist Strap AWS1 (with separate ground cord options)
   Professional Hypoallergenic Elastic Red Antistatic Wrist Strap AWS2 (with separate ground cord options)
   Professional Metal Band Antistatic Wrist Strap AWS3 (with stainless steel "watch band' type design)
   Economical Antistatic Wrist Straps AS2 and AS3 (with included ground cords)
   Professional Antistatic Heel Straps (for cordless freedom of movement on antistatic floors)

Antistatic Testers and Monitors
   Constant Ground Fault Monitor S5181 (monitors one operator wrist strap)
   Dual Constant Ground Fault Monitor S5182 (monitors two operator wrist straps)
   Triple Constant Ground Fault Monitor CM420 (monitors two operator wrist straps and one ESD bench mat ground)
   Periodic Verification Tester CM420PV (tests and verifies proper calibration of Triple Constant Ground Fault Monitor CM420)
   Antistatic Wrist Strap Tester EX498 (for periodic testing of wrist straps and ground cords)
   Antistatic Wrist Strap Tester WST1 (for periodic testing of wrist straps and ground cords)
   Surface Resistance Meter S-385 (for testing resistivity of static dissipative or conductive surfaces)
   Electrostatic Field Strength Meter EFM115 (for measuring static field strength)

Antistatic Ground Cords and Snaps
   Common Ground Point ACGP1 (for grounding static mats and up to two wrist strap ground cords)
   Static Mat Ground Cord AGC15 (for grounding antistatic bench and table mats)
   Bench Mount Dual Ground Point (for grounding up to two operators wrist straps)
   Wrist Strap Ground Cords AGC6 and AGC10 (optional or replacement wrist strap ground cords)
   10mm Male Clinch Snap ACS10MM (optional attachment point for static mat ground cords)

Antistatic Hand Tools and Tool Kits
   Antistatic Took Kit 500-042 (16 piece ESD safe hand tool kit)
   ESD safe solder sucker tool VTD3 (for removal of molten solder during electronic circuit repairs)
   ESD safe stainless steel tweezer A2A-SA. Antistatic, anti-magnetic, and non-corrosive.
   ESD safe broad tipped stainless steel tweezer A35-SA. Antistatic, anti-magnetic, and non-corrosive.
   ESD solvent dispensers for alcohol, acetone, ethanol, terpenes, thinners and other solvents.
   Antistatic brushes in 3 sizes. ESD safe conductive bodies and bristles for cleaning parts.

Free ESD Tutorials and Downloads
   Free downloadable tutorials and white papers


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