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Anti-Static Rubber Roll Mat Material - T2 EconoPro

Anti-Static Rubber Roll TTM-G24-T2 Anti-Static Rubber Roll TTM-B24-T2 Anti-Static Rubber Roll TTM-G36-T2 Anti-Static Rubber Roll TTM-B36-T2





Anti static rubber roll custom mat material T2 EconoPro series
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T2 EconoPro series anti static rubber roll material is high quality electro-static discharge (ESD) protection for work surfaces. Available in lengths from 1 linear foot, up to 50 linear feet per roll. This mat material may be purchased below either off the roll by the linear foot, or in an entire roll. T2 EconoPro series material is 0.080 inch thick, available in colors blue or gray, and widths of either 24 or 36 inches. This material may be easily cut to create any custom sized anti-static mat desired.

Consists of a 2 layer rubber lamination - with a top (colored side) static dissipative layer and a bottom (black side) conductive layer. Create your own custom size anti-static bench mats for computer technicians or electronic assembly and repair ESD work stations, or use it as an anti-static shelf or tool drawer liner. Compared to cheaper more rigid PVC anti static mats which like to stay curled, EconoPro rubber mats are pliable, lay flat and conform, have a high tolerance of heat from solder irons, resistant to most solvents, and are much less prone to damage from mechanical impact.

Anti-static mats are used to prevent damage to sensitive electronics devices caused by uncontrolled ESD events. A properly grounded anti-static mat on your electronics work bench is an essential ESD protection measure that pays for itself by preventing down time, protecting production material, and improving your product quality.

To ground this anti static mat material, users will need to install at least one (3/8") 10mm clinch snap near one corner on each mat, (or one snap at each 10 linear feet interval on longer continuous mats), and attach one end of an static mat ground cord to the installed snap and the other end of the cord to earth ground. (Available clinch snaps and ground cord not included).

For additional ESD protection, see our anti-static wrist straps for the personal grounding needs of individual operators.

T2 EconoPro Rubber Roll Specifications

Parameters of T2 EconoPro Rubber Roll   (2mm thickness)

Static Dissipation Layer (Top)

 Resistance to Groundable Point (RTG)  


Resistance Point to Point (RTT)


Friction static voltage:

< 100V

Conductive Layer (Bottom)

Surface resistance:


Friction static voltage:

< 50V

Static decay time

5,000V to 50V

< 1s

Meets or exceeds ANSI/ESD S20.20  and  ANSI/ESD 4.1-2006

RoHS compliant

  • Roll dimensions:
    • 24 inch x 50 feet x 0.080 inch for TTM-G24-T2 and TTM-B24-T2
    • 36 inch x 50 feet x 0.080 inch for TTM-G36-T2 and TTM-B36-T2

Prices and Ordering

24 inch wide Anti Static Mat Rubber Roll Material TTM-G24-T2
 $11.95 x     Linear Feet   
$495.95 x 24in. Gray Roll
24 inch wide Anti Static Mat Rubber Roll Material TTM-B24-T2
 $11.95 x     Linear Feet  
$495.95 x 24in. Blue Roll
36 inch wide Anti Static Mat Rubber Roll Material TTM-G36-T2
 $14.95 x     Linear Feet   
$679.95 x 36in. Gray Roll
36 inch wide Anti Static Mat Rubber Roll Material TTM-B36-T2
 $14.95 x     Linear Feet   
$679.95 x  36in. Blue Roll

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