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Anti-Static Testers Monitors and Meters

Constant Monitor S5181 Constant Ground Fault Monitor S5181 Continuously monitors the performance of your anti-static wrist strap and the entire path to ground in "real time" while the strap is being worn in production.

Dual Constant Monitor S5182 Dual Constant Ground Fault Monitor S5182 Continuously monitors the performance of two anti-static wrist straps and their entire path to ground in "real time" while the straps are being worn in production.

Triple constant monitor Triple Constant Ground Fault Monitor CM420 Continuously monitors the ground paths of two anti-static wrist straps and one ESD bench mat ground in "real time" while the workstation is in use by production operators.

Periodic tester for constant monitor Periodic Verification Tester CM420PV If an ESD quality program requires periodic testing of the constant ground fault monitor, the NIST calibrated Periodic Verification Tester CM420PV is designed to verify that the CM420 Triple Constant Ground Fault Monitor is in calibration and proper working order.

ESD Wrist Strap Tester EX498 Anti-static Wrist Strap Tester EX498 For periodic testing of ESD wrist straps as part of a daily quality monitoring program.

Wrist strap tester EX-171 Anti-static Wrist Strap Tester EX-171 Anti-static wrist strap tester let's you know if your ESD wrist strap is properly functioning.

Surface resistance meter Surface Resistance Meter S-385 Test resistivity of static dissipative and conductive surfaces, such as anti-static mats.

Electrostatic field meter EFM115 Electrostatic Field Meter EFM115 Measure electrostatic field voltage with this digital precision static charge meter.


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