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ESD Wrist Strap Ground Cords AGC6 and AGC10

6 ft. ground cord for ESD wrist straps  10 ft. ground cord for ESD wrist straps
Ground Cords AGC6 (6ft) and AGC10 (10ft)
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ESD wrist strap ground cords AGC6 and AGC10 fits our AWS1 and AWS2 ESD wrist straps.

Ground Cords

Anti-static wrist straps must be connected to a functional ground cord in order to work properly.

Wrist strap ground cords endure abuse and normal wear and tear. Eventually, a frequently used ESD ground cord will show signs of bad conductivity. This can cause your business costly manufacturing losses. You can't afford to stop production when a ground cord fails. Keep a few spare ground cords on hand.

These wrist strap ground cords come in two lengths. Model AGC6 is a 6 foot cord, and model AGC10 is a 10 foot cord. The coil cord designs allow these ground cords to expand and contract with freedom of movement for the operator.

Made with high quality stranded copper wire and includes a banana plug with an alligator clip on the grounding end of the cord. A standard 7mm female snap on the strap end of the cord fits common ESD wrist straps having a 7mm male snap. Both of these cords also have a built in 1MΩ resistor, to provide an effective path to ground for static current, while at the same time providing a safe level of isolation from ground in case an operator accidentally comes in contact with voltage while working.

These cords fit all of our AWS1 and AWS2 ESD wrist straps or most other straps having a compatible 7mm snap.
To be sure your ESD wrist straps and ground cords are always functioning properly, use an anti-static wrist strap tester as part of your ESD quality program.


  • two cord sizes available:
    • model AGC6 stretches to 6 feet
    • model AGC10 stretches to 10 feet
  • both models include a 1MΩ built in resistor
  • both models include a banana plug to fit standard common ground point systems.
  • both models include an alligator clip for other grounding options


6 foot ground cord AGC6 is economically priced at:

Quantity 1 to 9 $ 3.75
Quantity 10 or more $ 3.59

Quantity   6 ft. Ground Cord AGC6   

10 foot ground cord AGC10 is economically priced at:

Quantity 1 to 9 $ 3.95
Quantity 10 or more $ 3.79

Quantity 10 ft. Ground Cord AGC10 


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