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Wrist Strap Tester EX498

ESD Wrist Strap Tester EX498
Wrist strap tester EX498
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Wrist Strap Tester

Wrist strap tester EX498 is ideal in an ESD test or manufacturing environment. Anti-static wrist straps can fail to perform. ESD ground cords get stressed from use and can break open inside the insulation. Because proper wrist strap performance can't be see, they must be tested regularly. Professionals should test their wrist straps at least once per day. Depending on the quality standards at your company, more frequent testing may be necessary. This portable anti-static wrist strap tester is perfect for on the spot testing of wrist straps as part of your ESD quality control program.

Anti-static wrist strap tester EX498 provides simple and reliable tests.

  • The operator wears the wrist strap band on their wrist.
  • Insert the banana plug on the end of the wrist strap ground cord into the jack located on the top of the wrist strap tester.
  • The operator then pushes the metal pushbutton on the wrist strap tester.
  • The tester measures the resistance of the ground path from the skin of the operator through the ground cord of the wrist strap.
  • A properly operating wrist strap will show a "GOOD" LED indication on the antistatic wrist strap tester.  If either of the "LOW" or "HIGH" red LED's light, and the audible indicator sounds, then either the wrist strap or its ground cord is faulty.
  • If either fault is indicated, the included test ground cord (shown) can be used to isolate the fault to either the wrist strap itself, or the original wrist strap ground cord.
  • The faulty piece should be discarded and replaced with a new one.

Wrist Strap Tester Features

  • small size, cordless, portable battery operation
  • performs test of all standard ESD wrist straps
  • provides visual pass/fail LED indication as outlined in table below
  • audible and visible test indication
  • simple push button test
  • includes: wrist strap tester, test ground cord, and instructions


LED Display Resistance Value (10%) Indicator Status

GOOD (Green)

800KΩ to ~ 9MΩ


HIGH (Red) 9MΩ and above


LOW  (Red) 800KΩ and below


  • tester is factory set to "pass" wrist straps between 800KΩ to 9MΩ. 2 internal potentiometers allow calibration.
  • accuracy: 10%
  • net weight: 5.2oz (145g)
  • dimensions: 2.8in W  x   3.54in L  x  1.1in T  (7.1cm  x  9.0cm  x  2.8cm)
  • operating voltage: 9VDC


Wrist strap tester EX498 is economically priced at:

Quantity 1 to 9 $ 54.95
Quantity 10 or more $ 51.50 

Quantity Wrist Strap Tester EX498 


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